I have readed this book twice with unique reason… Councils which have filled my heart and challenge me to improve my skills to be the best in everything that I do or I will do and keep my soul safe from the guys that  I meet or I will meet in my way during my life and career.

For sure I have an Unique and Great Book to follow and base my life, the BIBLE, but I know we can learn with the example from other people as Michael Jordan’s life, who teach us to keep focus and going until see dreams comes true.

You can find below my point of view from some words which bright into my eyes during my reading. Hope you enjoy.


  • It is very important to know where you are and where you want to go and keep your eyes fixed on it, so go on.
  • Sometimes in our life we can’t understand somethings, the reason is in some cases it is looks like a puzzle game, so when you find the right piece and place, you can see the Image you are looking for. So be patiente and keep going.
  • Many people stay in the way. Many people did’t see the final Image in the puzzle game
  • Sucess isn’t a recognition for only one person in one fixed time, if you do your best you will receive your recognition during your journey. So don’t worry, your light will bright
  • Fix short terms goals – it’s going to be a brick during your journey

to be continue soon….